Google AdWords Management: Search and Display Campaigns

The SEM (Google Adwords) - one of the easiest, quickest and effective way to reach your targeted clients on the web more easily. Unlike the traditional offline and online advertising, SEM Dubai provides maximum results with minimum investment. Take an Example: for a 30-second video advertisement to be broadcasted in television cost you more than ten thousand dollars, covering a wide audience and having a short-term effect, Most often your television ads are not well timed and it is not Perfectly targeted. The same budget, You could have a well-targeted and perfectly timed advertisement with Google Adwords for a whole year, as online advertising is the most modern technique to reach your potential clients and have more business, it’s worth spending to get maximum return on investment (ROI).


How Google Adwords Works?

Google ads are displayed on search engine result pages in response to users search query, as well as on other websites who are Google partners in advertising. The Google Adwords in Dubai system functions as follows: User types the words related to something that he wanted to search online. Now Google displays the search results, you can see the advertisement, above all, the other results and also on the right side of search results page. Clicking on the advertisement, the user is taken to your website or a particular page in your website. You will have to pay for each click on your advertisement (PPC). Whenever a user searches for something online, Google runs an auction to determine the ads to be displayed to decide what ads to display.

In order to complete campaign in Adwords, First you have to set an average daily budget and then decide how to spend that money by choosing the bidding strategy based on your target. That is based on what you are looking for Clicks, Impressions or Conversions. The first thing is choosing the most suitable, and well-targeted keywords that make you reach your potential clients so easily. These ads can be targeted according to your business needs, it can be targeted to certain region or location, certain days or certain period of time like hours and minutes. You can even target the ads based on age gender, interests and languages spoken. Google advertisement provides for a text image and video advertisements under your campaign.

Targeted Advertising with Google Adwords

Professional and timely assistance from a good Adwords company or a qualified online marketing company will bring you maximum conversion. The whole advertising process starts from the selection of words and writing your ads and proceeding with the constant analysis control and improvement of your campaign.

Your budget will be spent as efficiently as possible. The company's specialists constantly track the position, correct keywords list, disable underperforming sites and do more, to quickly retain the fallen results. Even if your competitor is spending more than you, you can have better position and more ROI only with a high-quality professional assistance from a company like

At any time, you can get a report on the cost, position of ads, the number of visitors, as well as a full report showing results and other indicators of advertising for each month or week. Personal manager will answer all your questions regarding the services and advertising in Google Adwords